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Roll Form Group

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Samuel Roll Form Group has supplied heavy roll formed product to major industries for over 45 years.

The company was established in 1967 as Canadian Metal Rolling Mills (CMRM) in conjunction with Samuel, Son & Co., Limited. Samuel is known in North America as one of the largest metals distributors and processors, with a history beginning in Toronto, Canada in 1855.

Over the years, CMRM expanded, including production floor space in the United States and became the Roll Form Group. Strategic amalgamations followed: Omega Joists (in 2008), Piling Products (in 2009) and Stanrail (in 2012). Combining these strengths, RFG is uniquely positioned to offer unequalled services for cold and hot roll forming mills, in-line notching, piercing, and punching. Separate fabricating bays also include shearing, brake forming, MIG and TIG welding, plasma cutting, precision drilling and assembly.

With locations in both Canada and the United States, and with access to the Samuel distribution and transportation network, Samuel Roll Form Group services projects nationwide -- on-time and on-budget.